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NMB48 – Yokubomono (18th Single)

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NMB 48 The long-awaited 18th single is 16 people including Meiyama Koiwa who will be the first selection. The center is Sayaka Yamamoto! Also, for all types of common coupling, Yoshida Akira Solo song of the best girl power movie on YouTube is superb (channel registration is over 510,000!) Recorded! …

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New PV Alert: NMB48 – Yokubomono

The strings and piano theme of “Yokubomono” build some serious anticipation on the new release from NMB48. The piano motif repeats like a heartbeat as the girls march like a military unit on parade along the bleakest route available. Toppled Greek columns lie silent witness to a catastrophe hidden to …

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NMB48 – Warota People (17th Single)

Track Lists   CD Track List Warota People (ワロタピーポー) / Senbatsu Jibun no Iro (自分の色) / 2nd Generation (Type-A) Doko ka de Kiss wo (どこかでキスを) / Team N (Type-B) Hontou no Jibun no Kyokaisen (本当の自分の境界線) / Team M (Type-C) Futsuu no Mizu (普通の水) / Team BII (Type-D) Which one Warota …

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New PV Alert: NMB48 – Warota People

The 17th single release from NMB48 gets a promotional video in the form of “Warota People”. The tacky chic look of mismatched design figures strong in the PV with the members trying a wide variety of looks. NMB48 performs on a wide stage, wide enough to accommodate the participating members …

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