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Tokyo Performance Doll – Hey, Girls! (2nd Album)

girls dreaming of the same age TPD who has reached the age of 20 years old! We completed a colorful and pop album “Hey, Girls!” With various girls’ real feelings on the cutting edge EDM sound! TV animation “BEATLESS” 2 cool eyes “Ending theme” Shapeless “(offering kz music),” TRICK U …

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Tokyo Performance Doll – Shapeless (7th Single)

Tokyo Performance Doll profile image

TPD 7th Sg. Is a collaboration with anime “BEATLESS”! kz offering songs! The TPD 7th single is a TV anime “BEATLESS” 2nd stage ending theme on the air at MBS · TBS. Music is written down by kz which also deals with animation soundtrack. In the coupling, “SHINY LADY” etc. …

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Tokyo Performance Doll – TRICK U (6th Single)

On March 14 (Wednesday), as the single will be released for the first time in about 1 year and 7 months “6 TRICK U” will be released! The title song “TRICK U” debuted as Heavenstamp, Sally # Cinnamon, who is offering lyrics to Superfly, is in charge of lyrics, and …

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New PV Alert: Tokyo Performance Doll – TRICK U

[NOTE: This promotional video is currently blocked in North America] Truthfully, I’ve been waiting for this release with anticipation. Remember that funky looking Tokyo Performance Domo video from NHK world? Well, Tokyo Performance Doll are growing up nicely with the new decidedly adult looking “TRICK U”. Lipstick red and midriffs …

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Tokyo Performance Doll – Summer Glitter (Mini Album)

CD Track List 1. Glitter (lyrics by SCANDAL’s Suzuki Rina) 2. Are you with me?? 3. FREEDOM 4. 紅 ~beni~ / 赤の流星 5. タイトル未定 / ぐーちょきぱー 6. どんがらがっちゃん! 大行進 / TPD DASH!! 7. Glitter [KARAOKE] (Limited A) 8. Are you with me?? [KARAOKE] (Limited A) 9. FREEDOM [KARAOKE] (Limited A) …

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Tokyo Performance Doll – WE ARE TPD (NEW ALBUM)

Buy Tokyo Performance Doll’s “WE ARE TPD”! Type A CD+Blu Ray Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia Type C 2CD Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia Type B 2CD Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia CD Only Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia Tokyo Performance Doll Official Links Web Site | Line | Twitter …

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