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Community Article: The Solo Act

Biting at the heels of Iwasa Misaki’s debut, we have another great community article to share. NSK community member SleepyOta wrote an article discussing other AKB soloists and what varying levels of success they achieved. He brings up important questions and conjectures that talk about the past, present and future …

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Dominating the Top Singles List of 2010 Are?

Top Ten Singles of 2010: 1. Beginner(AKB48)—————954,283 2. Heavy Rotation(AKB48)——-713,275 3. Troublemaker(ARASHI)——-698,542 4. Monster(ARASHI)————–696,022 5. Ponytail to Shushu(AKB48)—659,959 6. Hatenai Sora(ARASHI)——–656,343 7. Love Rainbow(ARASHI)——620,057 8. Chance no Junban(AKB48)—596,769 9. Dear Snow(ARASHI)———–591,207 10. To be free(ARASHI)———–516,142 If I had to predict what would happen in 2010,  never would have guessed that …

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