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The Shift.

After nearly a year of simmering, it finally got cooking.  Since the new members of AKB were announced last October, they’ve more or less been benched when it came to media pushes.  But since July there have been significant changes. Maeda Ami, Ooya Shizuka, Sato Sumire, Komori Mika, and Ishida …

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SHUKAN! pt 2

more ridiculous set-ups from shukan akb! i remember this episode as the one that made me realize how cute maeda atsuko is.  she should have her hair like that all the time.

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shukan akb; another weekly show where idols compete and suffer challenges. a lot like AKBingo, but because many events take place outside of a controlled studio environment, they’re usually a lot more elaborate and interesting; like bungie jumping, riding rollercoasters, scavenger hunts, etc. i was watching some of the recent …

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