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New PV Alert: Pimm’s – Muka chakka fire

Pimm’s release another promotional video from their “Human Xing” mini album with the upload of “Muka chakka fire”. The rock arrangement carries a pumping dance beat and keyboard ornaments that seem to almost warrant the para para dance treatment. For their part, the girls of Pimm’s act things out over …

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New PV Alert: Pimm’s – Urya oi

Time to crack those light sticks and wotagei with Pimm’s! On their recent promotional video, “Urya oi”, the girls show you how it’s done on a darkened roof top and a team of orange cyalume sticks and a coordinated dance that probably mirrors the wota watching the group during performance. …

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Pimm’s – Human Xrossing (1st Mini Album)

Pimm's profile image

Pimm`s’ first mini-album that won 3rd place in the Oricon weekly chart at single “Life is a Game / My Soul (Geki Y ver.)” Released February 7, 2018 “Original Wa” of the topic “Xmas Eileen” songwriting composition among rock fans in large festival appearances etc. lead song 2018年2月7日発売シングル「Life is a …

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New PV Alert: Pimm’s – Catch ball

Today has been quite the day for summer themed promotional videos with idols bringing us swimsuit, beach, lazy days, and now baseball. Pimm’s (who last showed us the excellent “Life is a game“) deliver their pitch with “Catch ball”, a fun pop punk number with guitars blazing under a sing-along …

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Pimm’s – Life is a Game / My Soul (2nd Single)

In 2017, a new song that is a new frontier of the mix-rock idol group “Pimm`s” where the lively excitement at each large idle event, the high quality is a topic of SNS focus. Mixture Rock, HIPHOP Works that made the element all over. (C) RS [note: translation via Google …

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New PV Alert: Pimm’s – Life is a Game

Pimm’s released a promotional video for their second single today. “Life is a Game” updates the group’s sound from the pop heard in last year’s “WA!“. The result looks satisfactory with the hard driving sound of the song getting a tempered with strong melodies and a convincing rap section. The …

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