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NSKaptions #22

“This week sucked because I got sick” Edition Hey look, it’s actually being posted on Friday this week. Shame about the lack of posts on all of the other days but oh well. You can’t win em all. We have another photo for you to caption this week and this …

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Impressions: Suki! Suki! Skip!

HKT48 seems to be all the rage among the AKS fans these days. What I’ve been clamoring for for the past year now has finally come to fruition in the form of their debut, “Suki! Suki! Skip!”. Click “read more” to find out what I thought about this PV and …

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NSKaptions #16

I’m taking a break from sleeping on couches to bring you this week’s NSKaption. This one was actually requested by a few of our community members so thanks for that and hopefully you’ll all leave some witty captions in the comment section below. You can find the last Kaption here. …

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