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This Week in Music 05.22.2013

Maybe you thought the past few weeks have been pretty slow on the release front. You’d be wrong but still, I respect your opinion. Regardless of your opinion, it can’t be denied that this week is packed with fantastic new music. Won’t you join me on this journey as we …

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This Week in Music 11.28.2012

We’ve hit a bit of a lull in the release schedule, with not a whole lot coming out during these last few weeks of the year. While the new releases may be lacking in quantity, most of them have more than enough quality to make up for that. Let’s see …

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This Week in Music 11.21.2012

Oh man, what a week this is for new releases. I think I’m going to need to go lie down in a darkened room once I’m done telling you about all of them. There’s a lot to talk about so let’s just get right down to business here.  

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