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how quickly we forget

i’m already forgetting that in their surging popularity, they’ve only been so for less than a year.  focusing on the ‘now’, it’s scary how easy it is to forget their humble and challenging beginnings as well as how much the members have grown in these few years. i just came …

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for the record

my favorite akb48 pv is probably ‘keibetsu shiteita aijou’. the atmosphere is well established and the color palate is beautiful.  the floaty camera movements and quick cuts are disorienting and off-kilter, supplementing the content of the song.  i’m not a fan of the ‘synthesizer keyboard sound’ that so many idol …

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Ponytail to Shu Shu PV

so the long awaited PV was released just a little while ago.  the intro is hilarious and absurd, going above and beyond the typical idol fare.  there’s a air of freshness and vibrancy to this PV.  everything is dynamic and saturated with colors, the hand-held camera adds that extra grounded …

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