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NSK Interviews: DJ Amaya, Part 1

NSK Interviews is a series where New School Kaidan looks to find passionate personalities involved with the music and idol industry. In this episode, David speaks to DJ Amaya, an American music producer and DJ who is currently trying to follow his dream of working full time in Japan. [download] …

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NSK interviews: SHiNTA


New School Kaidan recently had the pleasure of interviewing Japanese music producer SHiNTA. We asked him a variety of questions on a number of subjects including his musical influences and what it’s like producing music for idol groups like Fukuoka’s LinQ. Check out the full interview below.  

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Toughest Job in The World

One of the toughest jobs has to be a Producer of an Idol Group. How some of these Producers get everyone to play nice is beyond me. Like any group or team, there is always ego involved. In just the case of something like a sports team, there are superstars …

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