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NSKaptions #21

“Someone (Kairi) actually submitted an image” Edition Well, it’s not Friday (we posted an All Night NSK so I’m forgiven right?) but we’re back again with another NSKaption. This week’s photo which features Noujo Ami from Nogizaka46, who is wearing a very interesting shirt. Hilarious if she doesn’t know what …

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NSKaptions #20

“Trying to hide the lack of articles this week” Edition Friday, new NSKaption, etc, etc. This week it’s Yagami Kumi from SKE48 because the timing seems right I suppose. I’m sure you’ll all be able to come up with some good ones for this photo. Captions can be posted in …

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Dae’s Auction Adventure: The Conclusion

I’ve talked about the infamous auction I took part in regarding a ‘Beginner’ theater picture of Takajyo Aki previously on the blog and on the November 1st podcast. Guess what came in the mail this week: BEAUTIFUL.  Expect more talk about it on this week’s show. Dae

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