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New PV Alert: BiSH – JAM

Your new promotional video from BiSH is all sorts of sweetness: no one is set on fire, no one is sprayed with refuse, and there’s definitely no homicide. The concept is pretty simple: the members of BiSH sent out into the wild to meet one person they admire. You have …

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NSK068 – Is the Spark Gone?

Recorded October 20th, 2011. This week on NSK Tron talks about his experience in NYC, David & Dae’s impression about Just Dance Wii for Japan, a discussion about the Korean Wave and the upward mobility of Idols. Learn how to find your soul number and which idol you match up …

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Tanjoubi omedetou~!

Happy Birthday to Niigaki! Our lovely Gaki-san has turned 22 and we should all be thankful that she has in one way or another touched are lives with her amazing smile, Hilarious reactions. And of course…. MAYUGE BEAMMMMMM~~~~!!!!!!! Gaki-san is a pretty busy girl so I hope she was able …

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