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Happiness – Chao Chao (13th Single)

Description This time, Happiness is an addictive, ultra-aggressive Hip Hop sound based on Trap! The lyrics of the female tsundere romance pattern are truly Happiness, full of rhyme and unique expressions! 今度のHappinessはTrapをベースにした中毒性溢れる超攻撃的Hip Hopサウンドに! オンナのコのツンデレな恋愛模様の歌詞が実にHappinessらしく、また韻の固さや、ならではの面白い表現も満載となっております! [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List 01 Chao Chao 02 Ain’t …

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New PV Alert: Happiness – Chao Chao

New LDH music from Happiness hit the airwaves today. “Chao Chao” put the girls in a trap influenced hard hip hop track perfect for their particular set of talent. Filming in the ornate stairways and railways of Los Angeles’s historic Bradbury Building (Blade Runner, 500 Days of Summer, etc.) and …

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