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AKB48 – Jaabaaja (51st Single)

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Senbatsu Team A: Yokoyama Yui, Iriyama Anna Team K: Mukaichi Mion Team B: Kashiwagi Yuki, Kato Rena, Ma-Chia Lind Team 4: Okada Nana, Komiyama Haruka, Takahashi Juri, Kojima Mako, Murayama Yuiri Team 8: Oguri Yui, Okabe Rin, Kuranoo Narumi Team S: Matsui Jurina Team KII: Obata Yuna Team E: Suda …

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New PV Alert: AKB48 – Ja-ba-ja

Back with the lead track from their 51st single release, AKB48 bring it back to the schoolyard with Ja-ba-ja. A lengthy intro introduces us the setting (high school) and the length senbatsu list. The band tunes up real quick and the music starts. The mid-tempo funk jam puts the horns …

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Idol Hands Vol. 2

Welcome back to Idol Hands! In this installment, I’ll be discussing questions about centers, pushes, scandals, and other happenings of the 48 and 46 idol world. Let’s take a look and find out more!

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