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Akishibu Project – The First Summer (2nd Single)

Description The most popular idol group, the Axibu project, with the theme of “fusion of Akihabara and Shibuya culture”. A new single with 4 new members! (C) RS をテーマに掲げる最注目のアイドルグループ、アキシブproject。新たに4名のメンバーが加入した新生のシングル! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List 1. The First Summer 2. 夏のかけら 3. 観測史上 4. …

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Koutei Camera Actress – Migi Hidari (1st Single)

June 2017 The average age of 18 years old, the idol rap unit “Koutei Camera Actress” released in June 2017 releases the first nationwide circulation 1st single! Drum n Bass two songs running with girls’ difficulties and conflicts and their instruments Included. Paper jacket specification. [note: translations via Google Translate] …

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