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Theme park Girl – 365 nichi no heroine (1st Single)

Description Debut single of the SNS, Z generation influencer artist The title song “Heroine of the Day 365” is a heartwarming that sang a feeling of gratitude to the mother who always raised them Message song. In addition, the “101th Challenge” of the coupling is adopted as the opening theme …

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Jewel – Mae e (10th Single)

Description They are in the midst of rising interest in dance that incorporates overwhelming singing power, groovy songs, and body percussion. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, the 10th single to commemorate will be a new stage in music and performance with new challenges. (C) RS 圧倒的歌唱力とグルーヴィーな楽曲、そしてボディーパーカッションを取り入れたダンスで注目度急上昇中の彼女たち。2019年結成10周年を迎え、迎えた記念すべき10thシングルでは楽曲やパフォーマンス面でも新たな挑戦を行い、新たなステージが始まります。 (C)RS [note: translation …

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New PV Alert: Jewel – Mae e

Known as J☆Dee’Z until just a months ago, dance and vocal unit Jewel release the promotional video for their tenth single “Mae e”. Getting things done in an expansive sound stage with spotlights wildly accentuating their choreography, Jewel cleve to their dance forte with a varety of moves that should …

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ROSARIO+CROSS – Dai Dondengaeshi (7th Single)

ROSARIO+CROSS profile image

Shizuoka’s idol performance unit “ROSARIO + CROSS” 7th single. This work is a song that competes for 1.2 among past works! “Daito Daito” is a catchy song that everyone will talk about, there is no doubt that they will be excited live. Like the previous work, I made Kaoru Kondo …

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New PV Alert: Parallel Dream – To wish

The recently released second single from Parallel Dream finally sees a promotional video release. “To wish” puts the girls in front of some background replacement graphics for individual close-ups and a dance shot. The starts and hearts of the background are not particularly innovative yet still run the risk of …

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Parallel Dream – To wish (2nd Single)

From local idol in Nagano prefecture to major! Send out to the world with TeamHAL produced music! Major 2nd single release! One bonus track included (Arranged version of the Shinano Grandance Rose’s official supportive song “Fight Victory”) [note: translation via Google Translate] CD Track List TYPE A 1. To Wish …

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