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ohayou AKB!!! mou ikkai!

good morning! minegishi, takahashi, kojima, and shinoda’s bizarre quest to intrude their fellow (sleeping) member’s privacy ends with this segment! in this final chapter of ‘ohayou AKB’, the crew ventures into ace-girl territory, as they enter the domain of maeda atsuko, followed by the room of oshima yuko and miyazawa …

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shukan akb; another weekly show where idols compete and suffer challenges. a lot like AKBingo, but because many events take place outside of a controlled studio environment, they’re usually a lot more elaborate and interesting; like bungie jumping, riding rollercoasters, scavenger hunts, etc. i was watching some of the recent …

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enkyori poster

a single from a subgroup in akb, team PB: kashiwagi yuki, miyazawa sae, miyazaki miho, oota aika, nito moeno, takajyo aki, maeda ami. nice song and somehow kashiwagi and takajyo manage to be even cuter.

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