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New PV Alert: Mi☆nA – Ryuusei star line

We’ve been building to this moment for a couple of weeks now, and we have arrived at Mi☆nA’s fourth single promotional video “Ryuusei star line (流星スターライン)”. The duo get the winter feels going with a thoughtful, string accented melody and the wonderment of the city lit up for the season. …

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New PV Alert: Mi☆nA – Koi no magic number

Third in their string of rapid promotional video releases, “Koi no magic number (恋のマジックナンバー)” finds Miho and Sena working at a cafe slinging cappuccinos across the table. The lightly funky dance number does enough to put a boogie in my step as the girls cutely sing into their prop microphones. …

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Mi_nA – Koi no magic number (3rd Single)

Content introduction Sweet and sour, dance number of “Mina” who drew a summer love Listen to the sweet singing voice of those who have become a little bit tight! To a number of idols, Mr. Hirohiro Tsukuda’s dance number which is funky and nourished songs are offered! Please sing a …

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