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More promotional videos make their way out the the EMPiRE camp with “MAD LOVE”. Featured on “THE EMPiRE STRiKE START!!”, “MAD LOVE” offers the commercially viable mix of edgy sounds with sweeping strings underneath the manicured guitars. Without talking too much about my personal baggage, the song does sink its …

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WACK × avex collaborative project, EMPiRE long-awaited debut! Every member’s public release Earn more followers than 10,000 people. The first MV released last December entered the YouTube rapid rise ranking, BiSH National Tour OP Act decision. First one man suddenly 1300 cap minabi BLITZ Akasaka! Hybrid of WACK and avex …

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Chu-Z – Gonna be alright! (3rd Single)

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A world-class new era girls unit produced by YOHEY of the legendary dance unit “PaniCrew” A long-awaited single! Gakuen school with young songwriter LUNA songwriter POPS! * Jacket design is limited to the first limited edition of the board It depends. [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information …

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New PV Alert: Chu-Z – Gonna be alright!

Chu-z get out there with their promotional video for their third release “Gonna be alright!”. The school set promotional video puts the girls in colorful blazers and tartan skirts that are probably too fashionable for actual school wear, but the girls look great in them regardless. Chu-Z makes their presence …

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New PV Alert: EMPiRE – Buttocks beat! beat!

It’s spanking time for EMPiRE! The WACK/Avex collaboration unit’s second promotional video features the members chased around Tokyo by … a gigantic, luscious buttocks. Yeah, you heard me. A mascot character style ass cheeks pursues the five members of EMPiRE and administers a moderate-to-severe spanking to his prey. Along the …

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New PV Alert: EMPiRE – Akarui mirai

You’ve probably been anticipating the debut promotional video from new WACK group EMPiRE (I have). Well, that wait is finally over with the release of “Akarui mirai”. A dramatic moment of unmasking felt appropriate for the establishing shots of the song, as we’ve only seen the girls in their twin-eared …

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Compilation album from WACK (BiS, BiSH, Gang Parade, EMPiRE) and the SCRAMBLES production team (e.g. Watanabe Junnosuke). Featuring songs from the current WACK roster and SCRAMBLES performed by shuffle units (see track list below). A DVD features promotional videos for “Spark” and “WACK is FXXK”.   CD Track List 01. …

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Little Glee Monster – Joyful Monster (NEW ALBUM)

Track List Disc One はじまりのうた My Best Frined 春夏秋冬 私らしく生きてみたい Hop Step Jump! Catch me if you can 君のようになりたい -Album ver.- Don’t Worry Be Happy Happy Gate 青春フォトグラフ (ballad ver.) オレンジ 会いにゆく 好きだ。 (Studio live ver.) JOY Track List Disc Two One more time, One more chance 何度でも たしかなこと CAN’T …

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