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Q’ulle – EMOTION (3rd Single)

エモ・ロックでネットとリアルを繋ぐ、Q’ulleのニューシングルのコンセプトはJ-ROCKリバイバル! avex 3rd Single「EMOTION」発売決定! ~エモ・ロックでネットとリアルを繋ぐ~ 人気動画コンテンツ踊ってみた出身のロックダンスユニットQ’ulle (キュール) のavex 3rdシングル「EMOTION」はQ’ulleの根底にあるコンセプトでもある最もJ-ROCKが元気だった90年代音楽シーンにリスペクトを払ったロックチューン。 歌詞に散りばめられたキーワードやアレンジはどこか懐かしくもあり、また、Q’ulleの特徴でもあるラップやシャウトを絶妙に取り入れたメロディーは今までにないエモーショナリズムに満ちたサウンドの仕上がり! カップリングにはBrand New VibeのKEIが楽曲提供をし、歌唱にも参加したコラボ楽曲「Survival feat. Brand New Vibe KEI」も収録。 初回生産限定で8cmシングル盤の形態もあり、リバイバル×エモ全開の最強のロック・シングル! ! Connecting the net and the real with emo rock, the concept of Q’ulle’s new single is J-ROCK revival! Avex 3rd Single “EMOTION” released! ~ Connecting the net and the real …

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New PV Alert: Q’ulle – EMOTION

Take out your leathers, grab your Harley, and rock along to the latest from Q’ulle. The girls do it in the empty parking garage, in the subterranean passageways, and with the lights blinking. Q’ulle seem to do their best playing tough like they do here in “EMOTION” with drums pounding …

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New PV Alert: Q’ulle – Natsushirube

Did you know Q’ulle have a digital single set for release? Well, to help that release along, the girls deliver a promotional video that features them and a lucky group of fans on the grassy pitch of an area school. “Natsushirube” seems a relaxed affair where Q’ulle interacted closely with …

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Q’ulle – Connect Light (1st Album)

Q'ulle profile image

Q’ulle brings their first album on Avex’s Rhythm Zone with 12 tracks total, including “DON’T STOP” and “DAY AI.” Limited edition includes a bonus Blu-ray with live footage, documentary, and video clip. Comes with a 24-page photo book. Live edition includes two bonus DVDs. DVD1 features the complete live footage …

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New PV Alert: Q’ulle – Arclight

At just over 6.5 minutes, Q’ulle are bringing out the heavy guns for their promotional video for “Arclight”. In this case, heavy guns means a drama style promotional video where the music does not start until the one minute mark. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding in the co-habiting leads …

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Q’ulle – DRY AI (2nd Single)

Buy Q’ulle’s “DRY AI”! CD+DVD+AI Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia CD Track List 1. DRY AI 2. PARTY ROCK!!!!! 3. キミと僕 (予定) DVD Track List 1. DRY AI -Video Clip- (予定) CD+DVD Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia CD Track List 1. DRY AI 2. PARTY ROCK!!!!! 3. キミと僕 4. DRY …

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