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MYAO + KOREAN = 사랑해 미호!

Miyazaki Miho, what a dream girl. What better way to appeal to my heart than to speak my native language, and with great pronunciation! She loves New York, Universal Studios, horror movies, aquariums, and now speaks Korean. Clearly, the universe is setting us up for each other. Dae

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jin bora: master in the making?

a technical master at her craft, jin bora’s fingers fly across the piano keys with ease and frightening precision.  having finished music school in boston, she’s getting a lot of attention with big opportunities coming her way.  her compositions are absolutely beautiful, i can see her blowing the lid off …

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what happened?

i want to bring to light someone i consider invaluable to the korean music industry. Shin Jung Hyun.  born in 1938, he grew up during the japanese occupation.  his mother died at an early age, soon followed by his father by the age of 14.  shin moved to the big …

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