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Kamiyado – Kamiyado Complete Best (Best Album)

Description This is the first album in about two years after joining Shinjuku, a new member of Shinjuku who held the largest one-man live in the history of the group at Makuhari Messe in September 2019. Includes songs released from 2018 to 2019 and performed live, including singles “HAPPY PARTY …

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New PV Alert: Kamiyado – Boku wa Platinum

With the announcement of a series of Complete Best albums early next year, Kamiyado comes at us anew with the promotional video for their new song “Boku wa Platinum (ボクハプラチナ)”. Looking much more adult than we have ever seen them, the girls drop the whimsical color-keyed outfits for something more …

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New PV Alert: Kamiyado – Syunpu Ambitious

New digital singles have been coming frequently lately from Kamiyado, who grace us with a promotional video for their song “Syunpu Ambitious (春風Ambitious)”. The ambitious part of the promotional video comes from red member Ichinose Mika planning and editing the project. For footage the girls tap a “sixth member” (it’s …

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New PV Alert: Kamiyado – Tough Love

Very seriously, Kamiyado come to us with the theme to the mental health / addiction campaign “Tough Love (タフ♡ラブ)” with a song of the same name. Formatted to fit cell phone screens, “Tough Love” frames each girl in their casual (but still cute!) wear. Kamiyado appear at odd angles, and …

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Kamiyado – HAPPY PARTY NIGHT (3rd Single)

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From Harajuku! 5 people idol unit · Kamiyado The best partying songs in the history of Shikijuku are BIG ECHO “Party Course” image song Since its formation in 2014, he continued his activities based in Harajuku, and in December 2016 he was in ZeppDiverCityTOKYO Continue to expand support in the …

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