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The cutest almost member in NMB48?

I think it’s pretty safe to say, leave it to the internet and time and eventually all discoveries will be unearthed. There are just too man sets of eyes and the sheer amount of available resources will eventually uncover all discoveries. So just who is this almost member? Well surprisingly …

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NMB48: Taking it to the Top

Osaka based idol group NMB48 are widely considered to be one of the better idol groups currently active in Japan today. However, is there a case to be made that they might just be the best? I think there might be and over the course of this article I’ll be …

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NSKaptions #15

Hey look, it’s Friday again. Hope everyone has a great weekend, but first let’s caption some idol pictures! This week we have the……charming? Kinoshita Momoka from NMB48’s Team M. If you’re familiar with her then you’ll know that she has a few screws loose (or to be politically correct, she’s …

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