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New PV Alert: CHAI – Curly adventure

Currently in the midst of an international tour that takes them from the US to the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Spain, everything is an adventure for Nagoya based CHAI. Featuring direction from LA musician and artist Sean Solomon, “Curly adventure (カーリー・アドベンチャー)” features animated avatars of the band accompanying …

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CHAI – PUNK (2nd Album)

In the Miracle twin mana · kana, four people formed in the strongest rhythm team of Yuuki and Yuna, “NEO – New Excite Onna band”, that is CHAI. In 2018, the 1st album won the CD shop prize prize, appeared in the music station, appeared in more than 30 festivals, …

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Malcolm Mask McLaren – My Life My Way (2nd Album)

Two people group of idol group consisting of kana, momo. MeloCore, Easy Core based on music that is based on performance. Nonstop stage without songs, no MC is a must-see. Common name MMM. One-man live is scheduled to be held in Tokyo and Osaka in January 2019. 詳細は後日解禁! kana、momoからなる2人組アイドルグループ。メロコア、イージーコアを基調とした楽曲でパフォーマンスを行っている。曲間、MC一切なしのノンストップのステージは必見。通称MMM。2019年1月には東京と大阪にてワンマンライブを開催予定。   …

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Junjou no Afilia – I WANT TO GROW (3rd Single)

Songwriter / composition: Shikura Chiyomaru / Arrangement: Shinichi Yuki “Birth, approval, transformation, connection, intention, break and sudden” TV animation “My favorite thing is my younger sister but I am not a sister” ED theme Lyrics: Haruko Momoi / Composition: Yuusuke Nomura / Arrangement: Shinichi Yuki 作詞/作曲:志倉千代丸 /編曲:悠木真一 「起・承・転・結・序・破・急」TVアニメ「俺が好きなのは妹だけど妹じゃない」EDテーマ 作詞:桃井はるこ /作曲:野村勇輔 …

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London Blue – London Calling (1st Single)

London Blue profile image

He also appeared in the “HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018” held in London, England! COOL & CUTE Girls Unit “LONDON BLUE” has a full debut! イギリス・ロンドンで開催された“HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018”にも出演!COOL&CUTEなガールズユニット、“LONDON BLUE”が満を持してメジャーデビュー! [note: translation via Google Translate]   More LONDON BLUE coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy London Blue’s “London Calling” Type …

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Malcolm Mask McLaren – Light on!! (3rd Single)

Malcolm Mask McLaren profile image

The third single from Malcolm Mask McLaren.    More MALCOLM MASK MCLAREN coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy Malcolm Mask McLaren’s “Light on!!” ~theNumber244~ Single Maxi Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia CD Track List M1:Light on!! M2:This World Note: This site participates in the amazon.co.jp associates and the cdjapan …

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