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New PV Alert: E-girls – EG-ENERGY

E-girls, together with GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, pull off their half of a synergistic feat with the release of “EG-ENERGY”. The companion piece to “G-ENERGY, the EG-11 put together a grooving urban dance filled with neon, street wear, and city views of Tokyo. “EG-ENERGY” is a strictly dance music affair, …

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Devil ANTHEM – Etto neremishi (7th Single)

Devil Anthem with a reputation for live performances releases a popular killer tune that can be a new live classic song! Devil anthem that has strong sticking to music and pursues original sound aspect. UK HARDCORE, HARDSTYLE, FUTURE HOUSE and so on, This work will make “Progressive Trance” a futuristic …

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New PV Alert: E-girls – Perfect World

E-girls get up to their latest dance spectacular with their promotional video for “Perfect World”. The group’s new digital single finds them in the mood for Autumn with the girls decked in warm earth tones. The performance space for the latest single probably looks like someone’s ideal college dorm somewhere …

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E-girls – E.G.11 (New Album)

E-girls profile image

E-girls brings an album with 17 tracks including a new song. Comes with two bonus Blu-ray discs featuring two unreleased music videos for “Y.M.C.A. (E-girls version),” “Show Time” and more for seven songs (subject to change) plus a documentary. Also includes a 100-page photo book. *This is a “Sumapura Music” …

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Devil ANTHEM – Like a nettaiya (5th Single)

Devil ANTHEM. profile image

Already have one-man live success many times, and have a reputation for live performances Devil anthem got a hard idea based on EDM’s derived genre “hard style” While developing the sound on the ground it is enjoyable to develop “live” live stage. This work includes 3 songs such as “Like …

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New PV Alert: Devil Anthem – Ishindenshin

Following the lead promotional video for their latest single “Like a nettaiya”, Devil Anthem have us captive for their coupling track “Ishindenshin”. While this promotional video may be designated as and “Official Audio” track, there is enough substance in this PV for me to give “Ishendenshin” a proper look. Herein, …

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