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Idols, a history

So recently I’ve been getting into a lot of arguments over how and why promoting or pushing the lesser known or lower popularity members of an idol group is difficult or as some would like us to believe, impossible. I don’t agree with this so I’m going to be writing …

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Word of Mouth, Feb 26th

Word of Mouth Podcast

On today’s show David speaks to Dave about: Kojima Haruna in her underwear… again Yasaka Saori Gradutes Shuffle Talk Music generously provided by DJ Amaya Feel free to leave your comments, opinions, or anything we messed up on. [download] Catch up on the previous show here – Word of Mouth, …

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Why the 48G Grand Reformation will fail

We’re only a couple of days out from the 48G “Dai Sokaku Matsuri” and for the most part I’ve been keeping my thoughts on the matter to myself and a couple other NSK staff members. Well since it’s topical and very current, I figured I’d put together a little post …

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NSK 171 – SRAM wrap

Recorded December 5th, 2013. Opening: NSK Feelin’ by Yoshi-P Ending: Borealis by 13thBeat [download] Yoshi’s Twitter – @yoshi_nsk Dave’s Twitter – @t3hdave New School Kaidan Twitter – @newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community

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NSK 159 – Mmm time machine

Recorded September 5th, 2013. Opening: NSK Overture Ending: Borealis (Original Mix) by 13thBeat [download] Yoshi’s Twitter – yoshi_nsk Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae Dave’s Twitter – t3hdave New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community

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