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This Week in Music 04.03.2013

Oh boy, it’s like every smaller idol group decided to drop a new single this week. Ya’ll don’t even know. Sadly I don’t have the time or resources to go into everything coming out this week but I’ll try to hit on the main ones. Let’s get started shall we? …

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time for some JAZZ SESSIONS

there’s something raw and authentic about great jazz.  whether they’re slow and haunting, adrenaline pumped, or just batshit crazy, they have something powerful and resonant that i think anyone could relate and enjoy.  here are some bands i’d like to showcase.  LISTEN UP. SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS you haven’t heard …

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jin bora: master in the making?

a technical master at her craft, jin bora’s fingers fly across the piano keys with ease and frightening precision.  having finished music school in boston, she’s getting a lot of attention with big opportunities coming her way.  her compositions are absolutely beautiful, i can see her blowing the lid off …

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