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Learn Japanese – Vocabulary

By now I’ve hopefully given you the motivation, and now I’ve given you the tools. This article will mostly be focused on utilizing the tools that I introduced in the last “Learn Japanese” article, except this will be be heavily based on learning vocab. If you haven’t had a chance …

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Learning Japanese – Tools of the Trade

Perhaps you read the introductory post of New School Kaidan’s first ever “Learn Japanese” series or maybe this is your first time reading this and you want to learn Japanese. If this is your first time at NSK and/or you are new to Japanese Idols, check out Dae’s Idol 101 to see …

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Lovin’ how they survive as rock

As I’ve developed my fandom for Scandal I’d really come to appreciate them as the all girl rock outfit. They were the exception to the rule, the rule that if you put a handful of Japanese girls together they would become bubble gum. Not only did they play their own …

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