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STU48 – Kurayami (1st Single)

STU48 brings the debut single from a major label. The DVD includes two music videos each for the title song and “Setouchi no Koe.” CD Track List M1: Kurayami (Senbatsu) M2: Setouchi no Koe M3A: STU48 (Hyogo version) M3B: STU48 (Okayama version) M3C: STU48 (Hiroshima version) M3D: STU48 (Yamaguchi version) …

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New PV Alert: STU48 – Kurayami

STU48’s first single is set for release, and you get a good luck at the corresponding promotional video! “Kurayami” puts the girls on the Setouchi for some stunning ocean shots during the group dance scenes. In their sailor fuku, the girls take a few dramatic turns along the sea wall …

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