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New PV Alert: KissBeeWEST – Bokutachi no basho

“Bokutachi no basho (僕たちの場所)”, from KissBeeWEST’s 2016 release “Bokutachi no basho / Samuinoni mo sukoshi narete kitakara”, recently won a fan vote. So perhaps consequently we get a promotional video for the fan favorite. And, you can hear why the song is popular among KissBeeWEST fans. The arrangement features some …

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KissBeeWEST – REMIND (5th Single)

The five songs of the member center song including the new song “REMIND” are re-recorded again, debut single “After school dusk” is recorded in the special version on piano RIMIX! (C) RS 新曲「REMIND」を含む、メンバーセンター曲の5曲は再録し直し、デビューシングルの「放課後の夕暮れ」はピアノRIMIXでのスペシャルバージョンでの収録! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List TBA     ABOUT …

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New PV Alert: KissBeeWEST – CARNIVAL

The Kansai sisters to KissBee make some noise for their 2019 with their new promotional video for “CARNIVAL”, their fourth anniversary song.. The music plays an interesting shuffle with a guitar riff that’s quirky and fun. It’s catchy, yeah? We even get a bit of a guitar solo to round …

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