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New PV Alert: Star☆T – Gotochi song

For their eighth single, the girls from Toyota City, Aichi experiment with 60fps video around their hometown. “Gotochi song (ご当地ソング, Local song)” gives Star☆T more chances to give outsiders a look at Toyota City through the eyes of the locals. The melody features a chorus that sounds like bubbles effervescing …

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Star☆T – Gotochi Song (8th Single)

Aichi Prefecture Toyoda local idol, Star ☆ T (Start) 8th single singles. Ultimate local song collection returned to the origin of local idol. Lead song “Local Song” and others included. (C) RS 愛知県豊田ご当地アイドル、Star☆T(スタート)8枚目シングル。ご当地アイドルの原点に返った究極のご当地ソング集。リード曲「ご当地ソング」他を収録。 (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List 1. ご当地ソング 2. 好きじゃんね。 …

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Star☆T – Mellow (1st Album)

Aichi Prefecture Toyoda your local idle StarT (start) first full album release decision !! concept album spell in the 12 songs the story of the modern mermaid princess. Based in the Tokai region, also appeared in the live event of Tokyo started across the country. First full album of powerful …

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