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Idoling!!! Who are You?

Dae and I recently got in a conversation about Idoling!!! We had been talking about doing an Idoling!!! focused show and through going back to watch the older video, a discussion about the lack of a common theme among Idoling!!! PVs. This led to me bringing up the song Queen …

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It’s a Good Time to be an Idol

Idol groups are doing pretty well for themselves nowadays. Since AKB reignited the public’s interest in idols, it’s become mainstream again. Groups like Momoiro Clover, Smileage, and SKE48 have had huge growths in sales and popularity despite having only been around for about a year or less in the singles …

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the appeal of idols

i’m no expert on japanese culture.  i read manga and watched anime occasionally, but selectively.  my knowledge of japanese cinema boiled down to critically acclaimed old-timer directors like akira kurosawa and yasujiro ozu, campy pop films like ‘death note’ and ‘battle royale’, or recommended films like ‘nobody knows’ and ‘linda …

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