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The Fresh Lemon Intrigue

The AKB community has been abuzz about Ichikawa Miori. Despite being a kenkyuusei(research student), she’s being featured more on television programs and media. Her claim to fame was her catchphrase: “Furesshu remon ni naritai no!” which translates to “I want to be a fresh lemon!” It’s not just the phrase …

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New Member Breakdown

It’s funny how much difference a day makes. Yesterday I wrote about how I felt resistant to the changes occurring in AKB. I talked about the new members and their increasing roles on AKBingo. I was planning on making a post today explaining my worries with specific members but after …

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Resistance to Change

Recently I’ve had a hard time connecting with the weekly show AKBingo. I’ve haven’t been as interested and I’ve come to a hypothesis on why. More and more new members are being featured and it’s becoming less likely that I’ll see one of my favorite undercard members on the show. …

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