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hy4_4yh – LAST ALBUM 20s (9th Album)

Girls · rap duo “hy4 _ 4 yh (hyper yo yo)” which transmits YAVAY to the world with RHYMESTER as a master released a full album for about two and a half years. This work which is released after the first time in about two and a half years from …

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hy4_4yh – Ningen kousaten gozen 10:40 AM (22nd Single)

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RHYMESTER presents “Human intersection 2018” Fiction message song which is not a beauty to those who continue to struggle, suffering from ecstasy, having a dream, written in commemoration of the appearance! RHYMESTER is the 22nd single released by Girls Rap Duo, hy4_4yh (Hyper Yo-Yo) who is a master of teacher …

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hy4_4yh – SHIBAHAMAX – Shibahama Daitai Konna Kanji

Shunputei Kazuyuki Kosuke is, his first “music production”! What a classic rakugo storyteller masterpiece “ShibaHama” is to use large story the “Ninth” of Beethoven in it! New Year’s Eve leads to become a RAP, yet sound YMO tribute! further Lyrics is now at the time of the people, please enjoy …

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