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December 11 Zepp Tokyo Performance Blu ray, January 8, 2019 release “LAST GANG PARADE” album! GANG PARADE from idol special label “T-Palette Records”, one-man live performance at Zepp Tokyo on December 11, 2018 Blu-ray “GANG PARADE oneman live at Zepp Tokyo” which included the album “LAST GANG PARADE” released on …

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At last, we get the promotional video from the lead track from the new GANG PARADE album. “LAST” features songwriting and composition from the Watanabe Junnosuke / Matsukuma Kenta team that’s pretty much synonymous with WACK. The rock arrangement agrees very much with its pedigree with a booming bass guitar …

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GANG PARADE – CAN’T STOP (11th Single)

GANG PARADE from idol special label “T – Palette Records” It was announced to release the new single “CAN NOT STOP”. The single “GANG 2” released on May 29 won the 1st place in the Oricon Daily Chart, On June 12, member Yui Ga Duksson is waiting for a solo …

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NSK’s PV Power Hour 09/01/2018

The power crew talk about EMPiRE, RINGOMUSUME, X21, NGT48, GANG PARADE, Tamura Meimi, and Yoshida Rinne. Recorded September 1st, 2018. Ending theme song: “Dave Drops The Bass” by Chase Lim AKA 13thBeat [download] Charlie Cowdin’s Twitter – @drako60 Yoshi Hagiwara’s Twitter –  @yoshirekt New School Kaidan Twitter – @newschoolkaidan Join …

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New PV Alert: HOLY SHiTS: WACK is SHiT

Continuing its quest to become an alt idol version of Hello! Project, we are treated to another of WACK’s shuffle units. BiSH’s CENT CHiHiRO CHiCCHi; GANG PARADE’s Can GP Maika; BiS’s PERi UBU, MUROPANAKO, and TORiAEZ HANA; and EMPiRE’s MAHO EMPiRE compose the scatalogical HOLY SHiTS. Their release “WACK is …

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GANG PARADE – GANG 2 (10th Single)

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In addition to a collaboration campaign with Shibuya Center Street Jack and the sushi chain store “Sushi Zamai”, on February 23 Tokyo · minabi BLITZ One-man live held in Akasaka got sold out tickets, GANG PARADE of the momentum to drop the flying bird. On February 20 we will release …

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