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New PV Alert: Devil ANTHEM – Clover

A new Devil ANTHEM promotional video hits just before the new year with “Clover”. Shown in off shots from live and promotional events, “Clover” also gives us a few images of the five girls lipping the lyrics to the song. In particular here, Devil ANTHEM are promoting their 5th anniversary …

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New PV Alert: Devil ANTHEM – 1 2 3 4 5

The latest from Devil ANTHEM. is a live shot promotional video from the group’s 2019.11.17 Devil ANTHEM. ONEMAN LIVE. ABOUT DEVIL ANTHEM Devil ANTHEM (デビアン, stylized Devil ANTHEM.) is a Japanese idol group that debuted on December 29, 2014. They consider themselves to be a two faced idol group that …

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Devil ANTHEM. – Days (8th Single)

Description A single from Devil ANTHEM., A five-person idol group pursuing a lively and enjoyable LIVE based on the concept of “Boiled Orthodox Idols”. (C) RS をコンセプトに、楽しく沸けるLIVEを追求している5人組アイドルグループ、Devil ANTHEM.のシングル。 (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Track List 1.Days 2.Dark“s” side (Type A Only) 2.Flashover (Type B Only) …

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Devil ANTHEM – Fake Factor (2nd Album)

Description In addition to the single songs released by Devil ANTHEM. In 2018, the “ALRIGHT” release was released, the rock number “EMOTIONAL” became a standard song of the live, and it was first shown at the one man live of December 16 2018 The album which recorded “Fake Factor” “LINK” …

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New PV Alert: Devil ANTHEM – Etto Neremishi

Playing catch-up after a pair of Morning Musume ’18 concerts, sorry if these are short… The seventh single from Devil ANTHEM. puts the five-piece idol group in some colorful outfits complete with cute cat ears. The electro-score of “Etto neremishi” backs video that presents some dance shot and sweeping aerial …

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Devil ANTHEM – Like a nettaiya (5th Single)

Devil ANTHEM. profile image

Already have one-man live success many times, and have a reputation for live performances Devil anthem got a hard idea based on EDM’s derived genre “hard style” While developing the sound on the ground it is enjoyable to develop “live” live stage. This work includes 3 songs such as “Like …

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