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The Evening Show With NSK Episode 41

The Evening Show with NSK

Recorded March 20th, 2014. [download] Yoshi’s Twitter – @yoshi_notnsk Garry’s Twitter – @mage77 Data’s Twitter – @wasshoid Chase’s Twitter – @starlancerpg New School Kaidan Twitter – @newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community NSK IRC Channel Rizon Server #NSK The guys discuss a whole bunch of releases by Country Girls, C-ute, Up Up …

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NSK 189 – 2 guys 1 podcast

Recorded April 24th, 2014. Delays should cease after this release… we hope! Opening and Ending graciously provided by DJ Amaya. Support him at bandcamp! Ending: THE NEW SCHOOL KAIDAN ANTHEM (ORIGINAL MIX) [download] David Chang’s Twitter – @t3hdave Charlie Cowdin’s Twitter – @drako60 New School Kaidan Twitter – @newschoolkaidan NSK …

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NSK 166 – 9nine-ority Report

  Recorded October 26th, 2013. Opening: “Beats” -by Dae Remix Ending: “Borealis” – 13th Beat (Chase Lim) [download] Yoshi’s Twitter – yoshi_nsk Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae Garry’s Twitter – mage77 New School Kaidan Twitter – newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community

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