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Saki Says Goodbye to Smileage

Here’s some unprecedented news. It was announced on Smileage’s official page that Ogawa Saki will be graduating, saying that she had requested it as far back as May of this year. Knowing this, it’s now pretty clear why the Smileage auditions took place, as a three-member unit just wouldn’t work …

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Generation TEN

The big news circulating the H!P water cooler lately has been the confirmation of 10th generation auditions for Morning Musume.   Many fans of the “golden age” are excited about the possible reinstating of yearly auditions, while others say it’s far too soon for more members, especially since the four …

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H!P Eggs: What Exactly do You do?

The new members of Morning Musume have been chosen, and I’m pleased for the most part. Four new girls have been added, the most that have been admitted since 2003. Of the audition group, three members made the cut: Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, and Suzuki Kanon. These three were my …

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