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This Week in Music 07.11.2012

Hey, it’s “This Week in Music” the weekly feature where I give you the rundown of all of the awesome (and not so awesome) music that’s coming out each week. The EVO 2012 finals are airing as I’m writing this so let’s cut the bullshit and get right down to …

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This Week in Music 05.30.2012

It might be the last week of May but that doesn’t mean that AKS are ready to relinquish their death grip on your wallets quite yet. This week sees a further two releases heading our way from the idol juggernaut which I’m sure has you all wishing for the relative …

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‘No Sleeves’ Album is Too Good to Miss.

I just made a pretty expensive purchase today, but thankfully it wasn’t because of a face-off on Ebay. When ‘No Sleeves’ (aka No3B), announced their album release early this year, it was a must buy. I wasn’t able to purchase the singles as they came out, and they had enough …

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