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New PV Alert: BiSH – HiDE the BLUE

More anime theme songs for BiSH! “HiDE the BLUE” provides the ED theme to the 2018 anime “3D Kanajo Real Girl”. This time BiSH skips the fast and furious lifestyle and trap themselves in a must but stylish study complete with floral prints, an impressive bookshelf, and mounted insects. Despite …

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BiSH – PAiNT iT BLACK (3rd Single)

BiSH profile image

BiSH brings the third single from a major label featuring an intro theme of anime series “Black Clover Season 2.” Bonus DVD features excerpts from the concert “The Keyakizaka GUERRiLLA BiSH” (six tracks / subject to change), music video(s), and making-of (subject to change). Bonus Blu-ray features excerpts from the …

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New PV Alert: BiSH – PAiNT iT BLACK

The new promotional video release from BiSH provides a bit of schizophrenia along with its edgy yet accessible sounds. This time around, the group provides the second OP theme to the anime “Black Clover”. With such a mainstream connection, you probably shouldn’t expect anything too “out there”. Musically, “PAiNT iT …

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New PV Alert: BiSH – JAM

Your new promotional video from BiSH is all sorts of sweetness: no one is set on fire, no one is sprayed with refuse, and there’s definitely no homicide. The concept is pretty simple: the members of BiSH sent out into the wild to meet one person they admire. You have …

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Compilation album from WACK (BiS, BiSH, Gang Parade, EMPiRE) and the SCRAMBLES production team (e.g. Watanabe Junnosuke). Featuring songs from the current WACK roster and SCRAMBLES performed by shuffle units (see track list below). A DVD features promotional videos for “Spark” and “WACK is FXXK”.   CD Track List 01. …

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BiSH – THE GUERRiLLA BiSH (2nd Album)

CD Track List, All Versions 01 My landscape 02 SHARR 03 GiANT KiLLERS 04 SMACK baby SMACK 05 spare of despair 06 プロミスザスター 07 JAM 08 Here’s looking at you, kid. 09 ろっくんろおるのかみさま 10 BODiES 11 ALLS 12 パール 13 FOR HiM Blu ray Track List YOYOGi GiANT KiLLERS, TOKYO …

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