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NSKaptions #19

NSKaptions: “Nobody sent in any images so I’m pulling this out of my ass” Edition. It’s Friday so I guess we should do another NSKaption even though none of ya’ll sent in any images for me to use. The subject for this week is Morning Musume’s Ikuta Erina who is …

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Request Set List 2013 Song List

So I didn’t see this up anywhere. For those interested in the 2013 Request Set List so far here it is. Credit to Tsurugi_Ken of Hello!Online for typing this all up. For the full list along with members details click here. 100 位:「Gomen ne、SUMMER」 SKE48 3rd *99位:「Boku no YELL」 AKB48 …

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This Week in Music 01.02.2013

I know it’s not technically 2013 but I’m only a few hours off for most of you. In any case, before we take a look at what’s coming out this week I’d like to address a few things and let you in on the changes that I’m making to this …

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