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New PV Alert: Toricago – Hai

Drawing from last year’s “i cAn Fly” album, Toricago show us a more intimate side of things with their emotional song “Hai (灰)”. The instrumentals, like most of what you’ll hear from Toricago, are guitar forward. In this instance, the group provide that swirling, gently overdriven guitar sound that’s backed …

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New PV Alert: Toricago – Kuchibashi

I’ve been looking forward to more looks at Toricago since the group’s impressive debut last year. Boy, do I get a look. Firstly, Torikago get to film in Hong Kong, but the darkly lit promotional video for “Kuchibashi” is probably the opposite from what to expect from idols abroad PV: …

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New PV Alert: Toricago – Mori

New idol group Toricago make their first appearance on the new PV Alerts with the ethereal visuals of “Mori” With executive production by member/producer Tamuco, lyrics by member Karaage, and an arrangement credited to the group, Toricago appears to be that group where the members take directly control of their …

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