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Erabareshi – Gyakkyo Nonfiction (6th Single)

It will be a new generation elavash and the second single will be released as soon as possible! (C) RS 新生エラバレシとなり早くも2枚目のシングル発売が決定! (C)RS   Track List Information CD Track List 1. 逆境ノンフィクション 2. 囚われのMirage 3. future to shine 4. 逆境ノンフィクション (Off Vocal) 5. 囚われのMirage (Off Vocal) 6. future to shine (Off …

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Erabareshi – Motto, nee motto (5th Single)

Erabareshi profile image

TV animation “Tachibana-kan To Lie Ankuru” theme song! The 5th single of the new generation Erabareshi who joined the new member is hot and heavy heavy metal! [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List TBA   More ERABARESHI coverage from New School Kaidan   Buy …

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New PV Alert: Erabareshi – Motto, nee motto

With double kick drums and headbanging guitars is the most metal thing Erabareshi has done. But, their tongues seem firmly planted in their cheeks. You get the attractive black pleather outfits and skull-and-crossbone style t-shirts, hair whipping around, Beavis and Butthead clicking the remote, and a beefy metal guitar player …

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Erabareshi – Kaito Blackcats (4th Single)

CD + DVD CD Track List 1. 怪盗□ブラックキャッツ 2. GAL的LOVE 3. 女の子たちのbattlefield 4. 怪盗□ブラックキャッツ (Off Vocal) 5. GAL的LOVE (Off Vocal) 6. 女の子たちのbattlefield (Off Vocal) DVD Track List 1. 怪盗□ブラックキャッツ (Music Clip) 2. 特典映像 3. (エンハンスド)怪盗□ブラックキャッツ (Music Clip) (高画質mp4映像)/エラバレシ壁紙/アーティスト写真/ロゴ Type A CD Track List 1. 怪盗□ブラックキャッツ 2. GAL的LOVE 3. 怪盗□ブラックキャッツ (Off …

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Erabareshi – Basket Queen (3rd Single)

Buy Erabareshi’s “Basket Queen”! TypeA Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia> TypeB Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia TypeC Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia TypeD Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia CD+DVD Amazon.jp | CDJapan | YesAsia Note: This site participates in the amazon.co.jp associates and the cdjapan affiliates programs, a program with …

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