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New PV Alert: Shingeki – Shinkyoku: Tempest

“Shinkyoku: Tempest (神奏曲:テンペスト)” from Shingeki puts the daring group back in the pages of New School Kaidan with an upbeat rock number. The girls get tough here with leather outfits, matching jackets, and fishnets ahoy. Shingeki lights things up in the gaming center set while facing down a few hooded …

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New PV Alert: Shingeki – Bukiyou HERO

New music from Shingeki makes its way to the New PV Alerts today from Shingeki. “Bokiyou HERO (不器用HERO)” puts the group on a rooftop danceshot with lights frenetically tracing lines from the upstage. A fence makes for a nice backdrop until you see the lights of Tokyo behind the formations. …

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