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New PV Alert: Arai Hitomi – Shoujo A

Back with a second single from her solo career (yeah, we missed her first release, “Delicate ni sukishite”), Tokyo Girls’ Style’s Arai Hitomi continues her covers of Showa era idols with Nakamori Akina’s 1982 single “Shoujo A”. If you’ve never heard of the original, get yourself an education here. Updating …

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Arai Hitomi – Delicate ni sukishite (1st Single)

Description Hitoshi Arai’s first solo single “I love delicate”. Hitomi Arai covers the song released in 1984, which was Showa, with the aim of becoming a solo top idol from Reiwa! (C) RS 東京女子流・新井ひとみの初ソロシングル「デリケートに好きして」。昭和であった1984年にリリースされた曲を令和発のソロトップアイドルを目指して新井ひとみがカバー! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Tracklist Information CD Tracklist 1. デリケートに好きして 2. デリケートに好きして (カラオケver.) …

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Tokyo Girls’ Style – Hikaru yo / Reborn (26th Single)

SHINY J-POP !!! works that can not be blinked on the theme of “Tokyo Girls Stream Do not Look” (C) RS “見ちゃいけない東京女子流”をテーマに、瞬きできないSHINY J-POP!!!な作品! (C)RS [note: translation via Google Translate]   Track List Information CD Track List 1. 光るよ 2. Reborn 3. 光るよ More Guitar Mix DVD Track List 1. 光るよ …

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Tokyo Girls’ Style – Last Romance (24th Single)

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Last Romance [CD + DVD] / Tokyo Girls’ Style Tokyo Girls’ Style 24th Single! Renewal The first single is a “last romance” where you win with new creative teams. Spring sleeping attention as singer-songwriter participates in production. Arrangements are also supported by young people, Lucky Kilimanjaro, as a city pop …

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