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Tokyo Rockets – ANGEL NOIZ (1st Album)

坂本実紅(しゃべくりリーダー)、朝日花奈(テレビ朝日ラストアイドル“Good Tears”兼任)、植松咲衣(和風才女)、浅利桃子(癒し系That’sアイドル)、白石彩妃(天然不思議女優)の個性溢れる5人が出会った“偶然”が“奇跡”と呼ばれるその日を目指して快進撃を起す!Tokyo Rockets初のオリジナルアルバムが遂にリリース決定! Personality of Sakamoto Shinku (Shaburukuri Leader), Asahi Hanna (TV Asahi ‘s Last Idol “Good Tears” concurrently), Uematsu Sakie (Japanese style talented girls), Asami Momoko (healing series That’s idol), Shiraishi Aya (natural wonder actress) Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to release the first original album of Tokyo Rockets …

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New PV Alert: Metropolis – Metrogirl

Is this what the underground is meant to look like? Metropolis looks like it’s inspired both from the underground idol scene and from its sci-fi namesake by Fritz Lang. Futuristic metallic skirts with color-keyed accessories interchange with school uniforms and pajamas throughout the PV to give us a variety of …

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New PV Alert: Good Tears – Namida no Kamen

Well, I don’t know much about this whole “Last Idol” business. It’s a reality show (think “Produce 101”, my Kpop friends) produced by Akimoto Yasushi meant to create his latest idol franchise: the winning group will be rewarded with a contract from Universal Japan, presumably with AkiP himself producing. What …

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