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SAKA-SAMA – Soramimi Kamo Shirenai (4th Single)

Description SAKA-SAMA to release the first single after joining Mizuho Asakura! In addition to the album song “Digital Relation”, Bjons’s Yuki Imaizumi’s lead song “Maybe Sora” may be produced. However, it includes “Our Map” provided by the familiar Sasaki Cafe, and “Good Night Judy” by Daisuke Adachi from Kyoto’s Psychedelic …

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THERE THERE THERES profile image

There There Theres, 3rd single to release in the new formation! There There Theres “, known as” Zeasea “is a quadruple idol unit consisting of Reika Arasaka, Kai, Hirasawa Shigori, and Mizuho Asakura who joined the electric shock on 2017 New Year’s Eve. 3rd single is beautifully magnificent from a …

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