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HKT48 – Ishi (12th Single)

Description This final single before Rino Sashihara’s graduation shows the new charm of HKT48 through the ambition of Sashihara, who will be graduating from HKT48, and those members who will be supporting and creating the future HKT48. 指原莉乃卒業前のラストシングルとなる今作は、HKT48を卒業する指原と、これからのHKT48を支え創りあげようとするメンバーたちの“志”を感じさせる、HKT48の新たな魅力がおさめられた楽曲。 [note: translation via Google Translate] Tracklist Information CD Track List Ishi (意志) …

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New PV Alert: HKT48 – Ishi

As you all may already know, “Ishi” is the last single for Sashihara Rino before she graduates from HKT48. This makes this song and promotional video a bittersweet landmark for fans of the idol. Most of the shots prominently put the members of HKT48 at the center of the action …

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