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NMB48 – Tokonoma Seiza Musume (20th Single)

As a new generation NMB 48, the 20th single to commemorate! ! NMB 48, the long-awaited release of the new single is decided! In 2019 New Year’s Day also announced the large cabinet at at the Osaka · NMB 48 Theater, and became a new regime under the Kojima Kurashima …

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New PV Alert: NMB48 – Tokonoma seiza musume

Here with their 20th release, NMB48 get up to the bar with their first offering sans Yamamoto Sayaka. “Tokonoma seiza musume (床の間正座娘)” puts the girls under laser lights for a eurobeat influenced arrangement complete with an infectious line dance. The “Uh, Ha!” chants seem tailor-made for fan participation, and I …

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