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DESURABBITS – Magic of Butterfly -seicho- (10th Single)

Description 2019 ! In this work, the metamorphosis of a butterfly (butterfly) is projected on the theme of member growth, and the life-size feelings of the current DESURABBITS are drawn toward the future. The costume is also designed with a butterfly (butterfly) motif. In MV, EMI, YUZU, and KARIN express …

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New PV Alert: DESURABBITS – Demo, nigen na

New tunes from DESURABBITS emerged … honestly a couple of weeks ago. But, that’s not going to stop me from writing about it! Especially when DESURABBITS never sounded more accessible than they do with “Demo, nigen na (でも、逃げんな)”. The guitars and heavy bass sounds serve the melodic output of Yuzu, …

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Desu.Rabbits – Desuma Spring ~Sorosoro Keigo wo Tsukattemimasenka~ (7th Single)

CD Track List ですまスプリング~そろそろ敬語を使ってみませんか~ I LOVE MEN ですまスプリング~そろそろ敬語を使ってみませんか~[Instrumental] I LOVE MEN[Instrumental] ですまスプリング~そろそろ敬語を使ってみませんか~部長勝手に録っちゃったバージョン~【Bonus Track】 ですまスプリング~そろそろ敬語を使ってみませんか~(です。ラビッツVocal Data)【Vocal Parts for DJ REMIX】 ですまスプリング~そろそろ敬語を使ってみませんか~(部長Vocal Data)【Vocal Parts for DJ REMIX】 I LOVE MEN(です。ラビッツVocal Data)【Vocal Parts for DJ REMIX】 I LOVE MEN(部長Vocal Data)【Vocal Parts for DJ REMIX】 Buy Desu.Rabbits’s “Desuma Spring ~Sorosoro Keigo wo Tsukattemimasenka~”! ~theNumber244~ …

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