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=LOVE – Sagase diamond lily (5th Single)

Description Has grown rapidly since its debut = Love’s 5th single! Not only appearances at large idol festivals such as Tokyo Idol Festival and @ JAM EXPO, which will be two consecutive years They are expanding their opportunities for appearances such as appearances in France’s JAPAN EXPO. Achieve further leaps …

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New PV Alert: =LOVE – Want You! Want you!

For their fourth single, =LOVE come out swinging with some bubblegum pop, anime avatars, and bright, colorful graphics. “Want you! Want you!” takes the girls out of their customary uniforms for cute and stylish “regular” clothes. Of course, the girls look cuter and more stylish than your average non-idol girl …

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=LOVE – Teokure caution (3rd Single)

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Rina Shihara × Yoyogi Animation College Produce 12-person idol group = LOVE. The previous work “Our Uniform Christmas” recorded 3rd place on the Oricon Weekly Chart! In February the first starring stage honorable × = LOVE stage project “Kemono Friends” was also held, gaining high evaluation from both idol fans …

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